SBO Saturday Solutions

As I wrap up today with some of my personal perspective on paper planners and DITL preview posts, I’m reminded of how great our God works in, around and through community cultured creative people.  It’s been great posting on TOC TOWN EXPRESS and remembering the people, places and things that have happened.  As I work through posting on a more consistent basis, be sure to continue clicking the videos and bloggess posts you would like to see published as well as produced for future “Instruction Production” sessions.

Your comments have boosted my fuel for more quality creative content.  For Season 7:ONWARD, I have already started posting special edition features for those who would like to further extend their support for our community.  Your donations of creative content, planner supplies and financial contribution will have a permanent platform on:

For Saturday, September 17th, join me as I return to our local station: I am going to preview more of my artisan admin plans for TOC TOWN HALL.  Until the next post, blessings.



My mission is to educate and create compelling media for not-for-profit organizations
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