August Shop Talk & Studio

SBO Saturday Solution Season

Next week will be the last Summer Social of the 2016  season.  Next month, I’ll be hosting online and onsite tours of our TOC TOWN Hall and Artisan Admin Retreat Center.  I welcome your feedback as TOC TOWN continues to grow and develop.  I’m currently coordinating schedules in order to bring you more inspiration for your home~office environment.  If you have a business topic you would like to bring to the planner community and kingdom culture,  sign in the guest guide and let us know.

The creative content I have always wanted to produce is being welcomed across a wide cross cultural demographic.  Thanks to the assistance of business friends and family, we’re ready to begin recording podcasts next month.  I hope you’re just as excited as I am!!!!  Many long nights and years of consistent work has been combined to serve as a continual, resourceful foundation for current small business owners.

Your input remains invaluable.  Be sure to sign in our guest guide as I’m working on producing the following projects for

  • September Open House
  • Business Book Club
  • Gifts & Artisan Admin Keepsakes





My mission is to educate and create compelling media for not-for-profit organizations
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