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SBO Saturday Solutions

As I wrap up today with some of my personal perspective on paper planners and DITL preview posts, I’m reminded of how great our God works in, around and through community cultured creative people.  It’s been great posting on TOC TOWN EXPRESS and remembering the people, places and things that have happened.  As I work through posting on a more consistent basis, be sure to continue clicking the videos and bloggess posts you would like to see published as well as produced for future “Instruction Production” sessions.

Your comments have boosted my fuel for more quality creative content.  For Season 7:ONWARD, I have already started posting special edition features for those who would like to further extend their support for our community.  Your donations of creative content, planner supplies and financial contribution will have a permanent platform on:

For Saturday, September 17th, join me as I return to our local station: I am going to preview more of my artisan admin plans for TOC TOWN HALL.  Until the next post, blessings.

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September Guest Guide Team Pass 2

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New Bloggess Format

More Details Coming September 6, 2016

Social Media SUMMER Editorial Calendar 5 (1)

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August Shop Talk & Studio

SBO Saturday Solution Season

Next week will be the last Summer Social of the 2016  season.  Next month, I’ll be hosting online and onsite tours of our TOC TOWN Hall and Artisan Admin Retreat Center.  I welcome your feedback as TOC TOWN continues to grow and develop.  I’m currently coordinating schedules in order to bring you more inspiration for your home~office environment.  If you have a business topic you would like to bring to the planner community and kingdom culture,  sign in the guest guide and let us know.

The creative content I have always wanted to produce is being welcomed across a wide cross cultural demographic.  Thanks to the assistance of business friends and family, we’re ready to begin recording podcasts next month.  I hope you’re just as excited as I am!!!!  Many long nights and years of consistent work has been combined to serve as a continual, resourceful foundation for current small business owners.

Your input remains invaluable.  Be sure to sign in our guest guide as I’m working on producing the following projects for

  • September Open House
  • Business Book Club
  • Gifts & Artisan Admin Keepsakes



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Hello TOC TOWN small business owners and paper planner peeps,

I’m in the midst of scheduling and updating our 2016 Summer Socials for Chief Artisan Trainers.  I’ve been posting highlights throughout social media and in a couple of weeks, I will be releasing the previews.  As an event planner, you know, I’m also wondering if you would prefer to meet online or locally face~to~face????

Chief Artisan Trainers are scheduled for online sessions and penciled in for Thursdays while face~to~face meet and greets will be posted on every other Saturday.  We have a limited amount of space dedicated for Chicago and Texas is still to be determined.  That being posted, if you prefer one over the other, let me know in the comment section below this post.  At the end of the month, I will be publishing the results of our online surveys and the coordinating schedules.

Once again, we appreciate your subscription and look forward to serving you during Season 7: ONWARD.

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This week, TOC TOWN EXPRESS is all about paper planners and posting updates, as well as a few spectacular changes.  For the next 3 MONTHS, 90 DAYS, YUP… I am committed to a NO SPEND SUMMER.  In addition to avoiding the planner haul blogs and videos, I will be shopping my current stash for necessary supplies, accents, embellishments and don’t forget that “must~have” accessory to finally finish re-organizing the new studio space.

YES!!!!! You saw it in black and white print!!!!  We have officially announced our brick and mortar place for 2016 Summer Socials, TOC TOWN HALL.  I’ll have more details as the out and about setup sessions progress.  There is even talk about doing YouTube and GOOGLE+ EXPRESS “live” for some on the spot, *mobi business admin Q & A.

If you want to join us for our first planner meet & greet retreat, drop us a note in the guest guide and I’ll make sure you receive the reserved details and transportation info.  Okay, my social media friends, until we meet within our online community or face~to~face, take care.

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Re~Hydration Nation…

TOC TOWN EXPRESS: Team One Bloggess Sphere is still a new mastermind network of small business owners working together to establish home-based community businesses. We collaborate on a weekly basis to implement successful business tactics as well as proven innovative marketing strategies.

While the seasons continue to drastically dip as well as shift, this week, I’m working on fortifying my immune system by remaining nutritionally hydrated.  Every once in a while, I come up with a few tasty combinations that please our local taste testers.  If you decide to try some of the suggestions, let us know.  I hope you continue to enjoy the interesting flavors and aromas flowing through our test kitchen experiments, “small beginnings”.

Don’t hesitate in allowing us to know what you think by commenting below this post.  I’d really like to continue hearing and seeing your feedback on the creative content we’ve been publishing. You are welcome to connect with us through various social media channels during Season Six: Back~To~Basics.  Blessings!!!


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Planners & Project Manangement

For the remainder of Season Six: “Back~To~Basics”, I’ll be posting Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  For TOC TOWN EXPRESS and traveling out and about, I will be using DayTimer, One Note, Evernote, Moleskine and Mixed Media Planners as the selected calendars for . As the planner love continues to blossom, what is or are your best organizational tools for keeping everything functioning and flowing smoothly? Let’s discuss creative content and successfully managing through it all.

Small Business Owners Environment

On time ideas for seasonal shifts and multiple changes.

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